Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jeff & Rosa's Dream Wedding by 4 Eyez Photography

The Ceremony and reception was held at the Ruth Jackson Center in Grapevine. Rosa was wearing a chiffon sweetheart neck line wedding dress with beading, drop waist line, floor length. Wearing a shoulder length vail with accents of beading. This was a formal / romantic wedding. With her medium length brown hair, and styled in gorgeous waves. Such a beautiful Bride. The Groom was wearing a 2 button black tux with a peak collared white dress shirt, red tie, and a red hanky. Also wear an awesome smile throughout the whole night. Jeff and Rosa are a excellent match and a beautiful couple.
The Ruth Jackson Center is very elegant with a spectacular ballroom, and a gorgeous garden. Lit up with twinkle lights throughout the garden. The cocktail area has a beautiful fountain which include blowing bubbles. The reception was dressed with red uplighting, tables covered in black satin table cloths with Damask designed black and white table runners. The center pieces where of bottom circular mirror with tall glass beaded illuminated vase with red roses accented with black and red ostrich feathers. Ashley and Juan are the event coordinators of the Ruth Jackson Center and did a marvelous job. They were there at every major moment and had everything going like clock work. They were both very accommodating to the Bride and Groom and all their guests.
  God Bless You Both and my you have a very prosperous life, filled with all the love and passion that you both have for each other. http://www.4eyezphoto.com4 Eyez Photo & Video

Saturday, October 29, 2016

This Nigerian wedding was filled full of beautiful colors, music, and dance. All the women are dressed in traditional dresses and wraps. The wedding planner Paula Ewers did an amazing job, and everything turned out so beautiful. So much fun... Tossing the money in the air at the bride and groom wishing them all the love, wealth, and happiness. Cocoa nuts being presented to all the chiefs was very moving, and along with all the prayers given to the happy couple. God bless you both, and we wish you all the happiness that God has to offer. #dallasweddingphotography

Friday, October 28, 2016

This Beautiful Couple was amazing at their engagement session. Took place at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. We had so much fun with them. We look forward to photographing their wedding.
#Dallas #Wedding #Photography

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Julianna and Matt's Wedding

The ceremony is at the beautiful Good Shepherds Church in Colleyville  Tx. What a beautiful Chapel. The reception is at The Marq in Southlake Texas. Julianna mother was so accommodating, she walked us around and showed us what parts of the venue where going to be used for.
What a delicious dinner that they had provided. The whole family including the Bride and Groom were absolutely wonderful. The bride was wearing an A-line dress with a floral and beaded design. Just stunning. The groom was wearing a gray suit with a blue tie, with the other details to match. Followed by the groomsmen as well. The bridesmaids wore navy blue chiffon dresses. All dressed, looking beautiful, hair fixed, make up done, but no one was a match for the Bride Julianna. As they raced off to start their honeymoon, bubbles filled the air, with cheer and laughter. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. You all did a remarkable job. #Wedding #Photography by 4 Eyez Photo / video.
We wish this couple with all the blessings God has to give.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Season for Love

Ahhh...Valentine's Day...The pre-game show for the Wedding Season.  In the process of trying to build our wedding photography business, my wife and I have had numerous discussions about marketing, advertising, pricing, etc.  There may be a subject that is more important than all the above, for building our business...LOVE.  Two people in love, that want their wedding to be awesome, and have that awesomeness reflected in every photo...that's where it starts.   On your one-year anniversary, when you prepare to sit on the couch, and browse through those wedding photos, and/or watch your wedding video...what do you want that experience to be?  Do you want traditional, nicely posed, prim and proper photos?  Artsy, avant-garde?  Maybe a cool mix of artfully posed photos, and in-the-moment candids?  This is something you need to give serious thought to.  This will help narrow your search for the right photographer.  It's not just about the best price, it's about a personality fit.  It's about finding a photographer that wants to take the kind of photos you want.  No offense to some of the high-end photographers out there, but if their portfolio looks like the cover of Vogue...that's great photography...but is your wedding their priority, or is it their own portfolio?  If you're a little wide for your height, you want to see pictures of people built like you...looking good.  Find a good fit, and you'll LOVE your photos, because you are relaxed, confident, and you like the person(s) taking your photos.

That addresses your LOVE, and may it last forever!  Now let's explore the next layer.  Choose vendors that LOVE what they do.  Check their reviews, to see if past clients have LOVED them.  My wife and I love photography.  Not just taking photos, and getting paid for it, but the process, and the importance of photography to history, and preserving memories.  She's really gotten into the technical end of it, and technique.  I'm just an art guy, that tries to find cool angles, and capture classic candid moments, with auto focus on, and nothing fancy.  The combination works really well for us.  When we get home from a wedding, we can't wait to upload our cameras to the computers, and see what we really did, and find the jewels of the bunch. These days, I'm usually doing video...and talk about love...I still get a lump in my throat, with almost every video.  I still can't believe how lucky I am, to be doing this for a living!  I am able to to take my love for art, photography and music, and splash it all over the screen, with each video I create.  That is actually my litmus test for a video...if I get choked up and misty eyed, while viewing a section of it, I'm doing something right.  My sweet Pam...since we've been together, she has searched for her creative outlet, and when started playing around with photography, I knew she had found it!  Before I knew it she was making a business plan, and spending hours upon hours honing her skills, not only in the taking of the photos, but in the editing.  She's not only passionate about taking great photos, but about weddings, in general...and reminding the bride to "just breathe".  We have a wonderful job!

Well, we've talked a lot about LOVE and PASSION.  Sounds like relationship talk.  Well yeah...relationships are key.  Your relationship with your mate, and your agreement on your wants and needs, for your wedding...all very important.  Your relationship with whomever is helping to pay for the wedding, and what their interests are in how the wedding plans out, has to be weighed into the equation, as well.  Your relationship with your, confidence, communication, understanding...yep, sounds like a relationship.  We don't automatically click with everyone we work with, but it sure makes life easier, when we do.  We have several former clients, that we stay in touch with, on Facebook, and some who come to us for baby bump photos, and such.  Heck, I'm even using some past clients, in a little movie I'm making, and they're killin' it!  We cherish these relationships, because, to us, I guess it is an affirmation of a job well done.  Next to paying the bills, that's a HUGE deal...for us, anyway.

So anyway...Happy Valentine's Day!  Love, Live, Laugh and all that.  We're going to try and get this little 'blog' feature rolling, keep an eye out for it.  There will be wedding commentaries, advice pieces, and some occasional humor.  LOVE y'all...'til next time!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lauren & Jonathan...a JP Wedding and Backyard Party..Simply Amazing.

I've been to lavish weddings, that probably cost more than my car...and they were beautiful.  Most recently, we photographed an adorable wedding at the Rockwall courthouse.  A best man, a maid of honor, and some family...hugs, kisses and laughter filled the little courtroom.  As the ceremony proceeded, the maid of honor cried, Grandpa cried, Mom cried, and the bride and groom cried a little...even the JP was wiping away tears.  It was the most honest, loving exchange I've seen in some time.  Honestly, I thought they were going to come in, and ask us to keep it down, we were laughing so much, and carrying on.
The reception was the next day, in a beautiful backyard setting, under towering oaks.  Plenty of food, drink and dancing, to be had by all.  We took some pictures of the newlyweds, in a field behind the house.  It was bright green, with cattle grazing, in the distance, and towering cumulus clouds to the south.  Despite my profession, as a wedding photographer, this, to me, was ideal...a cheap, sweet JP wedding, and a great party, afterwards.  If there is any money left to be spent on these two, let it be spent helping them start their new life together.
My hat is off to this family, for a well-planned celebration of a beautiful union, and making us feel very much a part of it all.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pendleton - Powell Wedding Saturday 8/3/13

Although we do quite a few country club weddings, they're not always my favorite...this one, however, was pretty cute.  Done up in country chic, this wedding added lots of charm to an otherwise drab backdrop, and turned the Oakmont Country Club into the Burlap Barn.  These folks did a bang up job, with decorations and the theming of the event, and the staff stayed in step, so that it all went off without a hitch.

It was a little warm for an outdoor wedding, but there was a nice breeze, and the oak tree it was under provided some much needed shade, as well as ambience.  Kimberly looked amazing in her highly detailed, strapless wedding gown, as did her bridesmaids, in strapless, champagne dresses, and cowboy boots.  Bradley and the guys went jacketless, for a cooler, more casual feel, in champagne slacks and vests, with cowboy boots.

With Mason Jars swinging gently from the oak tree, occasionally finding morsels of golden sunlight to share, the wedding proceeded against a backdrop of ducks in a pond...cattails dancing playfully in the wind, and elegant harp tunes, as the soundtrack...we might as well have been on a rural farm, in the hill country.  The flower girls, the ring bearer, and the little man who carried the "Here Comes The Bride" sign, were all adorable, and soon lost interest in the event, carrying on with their own carefree agendas.

Once the kissing, crying, and camera flashes were done, we proceeded to more lively activities, as the reception kicked into full western swing.  Food and drink were the object of the hour, as the wedding party was introduced, and tears and laughter filled the room, as the toasts were heard, and the food was served.  The DJ, although a little talkative, at times, got the tunes spinning, and the first dance...done to Garth Brooks' "To Make You Feel My Love".  Kimberly's dad wasn't be outdone, as they danced to
"Isn't She Lovely", by Stevie Wonder.  What is it about the bond between a father and his little girl, that allows them to always look so good during their wedding they'd rehearsed for weeks?

The wedding cakes were quite good...simply decorated, but very pretty...and no know, that play dough crap they put on most wedding cakes, these days.  The wedding cake was white cake with buttercream icing...YUM...and the groom's cake was red velvet, with chocolate icing...DOUBLE YUM!!!  No fights broke out during the bouquet toss, or the garter toss...that's always a plus.  The DJ managed to fill the floor with champagne-brazened girls, who didn't care if their guys joined them, or not, and it seemed a good time was had by all.

Finally, a shout out to Oakmont Country Club.  It was our first wedding at this venue, and though it seemed a bit smaller than other country clubs, they were very accommodating.  Last, but not least...major kudos to Andrea Yanez, the event coordinator...she stayed on top of things, with out being obtrusive, or bossy, and was just very pleasant to work with, in general.